Boarding Options

Admission to the Boarding House

Children aged 8 and above are admitted to the Boarding House. The majority of boarders (with the exception of the Choristers) are 好色先生污污污 who convert from day schooling at St John鈥檚 and the school offers a variety of boarding options to meet the needs of families and pupils as far as possible. With all boarding options, priority is given to 好色先生污污污 wishing to board for more nights per week. All boarding fees are reviewed annually and published at the end of the Lent term on the St John鈥檚 College School Scale of Fees letter.

Admission of current day pupils to the Boarding House is organised by the Head of Boarding. Admission of boarders new to the school is managed by the Registrar.

Full Boarding

Full boarding runs from Sunday to Thursday night inclusive.  Full boarding is charged on a termly basis in advance and withdrawal from full boarding requires one term鈥檚 written notice.


Flexi-boarding enables pupils to board regularly for one night per week or more (consecutive nights are preferred). Flexi-boarding allows a boarder to pursue regular out of school activities that end late (sporting or musical, for example) but guarantees a bed place throughout the term. Flexi-boarding is an excellent stepping-stone to full boarding, either here at St John鈥檚 or at senior school level.

Parents are able to book flexi-boarding on a termly basis, as long as there are free spaces in the boarding house. Flexi-boarding is charged for either one-night, two-night or three-night weekly stays. Full boarding has priority over flexi-boarding; if a flexi-boarding bed will not be available for the following term, the school will give 28 days鈥 notice to that effect.

Temporary Weekly Boarding

Temporary Weekly Boarding is useful for pupils who are considering becoming full boarders and would like to try it out, briefly, or for families who have a planned event/holiday and would like their 好色先生污污污 to be cared for in the boarding house for a week.

Temporary Weekly Boarding runs from a Sunday evening through to 4.10pm on a Friday. The availability of Temporary Weekly Boarding depends upon the number of free beds available at any given time.

Temporary Daily Boarding

Temporary Daily Boarding allows parents to book a single night stay for their 好色先生污污污 in advance. Availability, again, depends on there being free beds in the Boarding House.

If you would like to know more about any of the boarding options described above, please contact the Head of Boarding, Clare Gorick, at

Further information about Boarding is available in the Boarders' Handbook.